Is a minimal Japanese home located in Tokyo, Japan.


The first house

We have designed a house on the site of a former garage located in an awkward space between rear terraced gardens and a row of 16 west-London garages.



The firm is known for artful, intelligent, and sustainable work – from mixed-use, multi-residential and master planning campus precincts, to bespoke educational spaces and private homes.


Garage house

The project started with an unconventional request from an open minded couple: within a very tight budget, to convert a windowless 200m2 garage into a house.



Is minimal home located in Madrid, Spain, designed by Lucas y Hernández-Gil. The apartment renovation sought to reprogram the various spaces into a single, open space.



Corsega Apartment is a minimal interior located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by RAS. Every last detail of the construction has been given minute attention.



The project takes place in a long, narrow and stately apartment whose façade connects to the access street via an elegant bow-window and to a large but not very attractive interior courtyard through a gallery.



Esta propiedad tenía un límite grande que los arquitectos tuvieron que superar: techos bajos y grandes vigas que cuelgan por debajo de ellos.