corsega portada indesigns


Corsega Apartment is a minimal interior located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by RAS. Every last detail of the construction has been given minute attention. The two exits towards the courtyard from the living room have been handled uniquely, with a large showcase window whose frame is visible only from the exterior façade. The impression from indoors is that there is no window, only air, while the door is hung from the inside and with thick frames to give the impression of mass and strength, so that the façade is left with clean gaps, with no built-in frames and coated with white microcement. The bathroom is a dark and shiny world boasting a backlit mirror and ceilings. The bedrooms are treated with different colors on the wall that connects them, but due to the 45-degree access, upon entering they look like independent rooms. Some concrete pillars and beams have been left visible to underscore the underlying structure and give the room an additional texture.

Corsega indesigns 09
Corsega indesigns 06
Corsega indesigns 08
Corsega indesigns 03
Corsega indesigns 13
Corsega indesigns 07
Corsega indesigns 02
Corsega indesigns 11
Corsega indesigns 04
Corsega indesigns 14
Corsega indesigns 10
Corsega indesigns 05

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